About IDS

ids teamHello and welcome to IDS direct marketing. We offer digital marketing services to business owner to increase their web visibility and sales revenue.  Our services include various type of internet marketing strategies  as define below:

  • Search Marketing – Search Engine Optimization marketing refers to fine tuning existing website to be SEO friendly and increase the user engagement in order to rank high in search engine organic listing.
  • Social Media Marketing – Social media is used by everyone nowadays. It is a great source of traffic and leads if doing it correctly. Companies often setup page or group to engage with their customer or fans. Interesting news or giveaway often posted to increase user engagement and attract more followers. By doing this, it can help to create the brand name and ease the conversion while selling their product or services.
  • Mobile Marketing – It is getting popular nowadays. Mobile apps is one of the great marketing tools since it is so convenient and able to access anytime and everywhere.
  • Email marketing – It is old strategies compare to others and doesn’t create high conversion of sales.  However, if the proper  target audience and sales pitch email is planned carefully, it is still a great tool to increase conversion and sales
  • Paid Advertising Marketing – Often refer to AdWords, Facebook Ads, twitter Ads and etc. Although the fees are not cheap, but it is still a good tool to help you get traffic immediately while establishing SEO marketing.

Digital marketing is a great marketing tool that can help you generate leads and sales 24×7 and 365 days per year. It is cost effective and will be a trend in upcoming 2-3 years’ time. Do contact us to find out more if you wish to know more. We also constantly share the online marketing tips in this website. Do come back regularly to find out our interesting tips.

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