How to Market Your Leadership Training Program Online

Leadership training is vital to any business, as it is one of the most important things that any head or owner must undergo to ensure an effective endeavor. Therefore, it is no shock that many training seminars are starting to pop up here and there. If you have a business that focuses on coaching managers, CEOs and such, you need to get ahead of the competition using extra visibility.

There are many ways that you can market your brand. However, not all of them will provide the best results. Here are some of the best ways from to get people to notice your leadership development service in Malaysia.

Email Marketing

The goal is to inform people of the services you offer and you may choose to include your rates. It would be best if you hired a team of people with access to the email addresses of potential customers who might find your services useful for their business. The goal is to reach as many people with this advertisement, without it looking like spam mail.

Please note that most business entrepreneurs who have at least one person employed will find this very informative. So you could collect email addresses of small to medium-sized businesses in your area and send them a copy of your rates and the services you offer.

Search Engine Optimization

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Back in the early days of online marketing, you would stay current if you filled your advertisement with popular search terms. It was quite a circus, as most people would hire writers who would fill paragraphs with captions and useless text just to get more people to click on the article. These days, Google developers are wiser now.

While you can inject your desired phrases into the article, anything more than 2% is overkill. The best was to advertise with SEO is by keeping your page current. If you have new articles each day, you will make it to the top of the Google list.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is a wonderful social media platform, as it allows entrepreneurs to advertise their wares with more visibility. However, you will have to pay for this spot, as they do not come free. Even so, this extra amount of visibility can be enough to improve your following.

drive facebook trafficYou could set up a Facebook page and an account to advertise your leadership coaching service. Please be kind enough to reply to most if not all inquiries made by potential clients.

Leadership training is a great way to make money, as you help people overcome their fears and teach them to take charge. If you can provide good service and charge your clients fairly, they may also advertise for you by word-of-mouth, which by far, is the best and cheapest way of marketing your leadership program.

The Search Engine Marketing Strategies for Online Fashion Stores

The potential of the internet is not lost to the high-ticket fashion industry. Big fashion houses and well-known fashion designers have invaded the internet – and they are making big money.

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Play it Safe

But if you are a  entrepreneur who wants to use the internet in making yourself popular and sell your clothesline, you need to consider certain issues in search engine marketing. Not knowing the rules of the game will saddle you with a lot of problems.

Vital Search Engine Marketing Strategies You Need to Know

If you will consider the issues involved in online fashion store SEO, you will be in a better position to compete with other fashion designers selling their clothes online. Being a Malaysia online fashion wholesale store (source from, you need to understand these issues so you can position your company in a very competitive way. Here are some of the strategies you need to consider.

targeted traffic from search engine

1. Consider the on-page issues of your website
In SEO terms, on-page is the work that you have done on your website that makes it friendly to internet search engines, so that it can easily be found and accessed by your target market.

Internet surfers are not impressed with websites that take a long time before new contents are seen. Therefore, one of the first things that you need to practice is to always update your website content. Don’t let days, weeks and months pass by before you publish new blogs, articles, photos and what not.

2. Avoid thin content on your website
Thin content, means just that – thin, without any substance or muscle on the frame of your basic content. Visitors on your website will only get interested in what you have published; if the contents are current, relevant, and useful to them.

So, every article, blog or comment you publish on your website must prick and grab the attention of the fleeting minds of your target market.

3. Never publish duplicate content on your online store
Internet surfers are a wise bunch of people. Since they spend considerable time surfing websites on the internet, they can easily spot similar contents in the websites that they have visited. You can be sure that they will have low regard to websites that publish duplicated content.

So, if you want your audience to put your website high on the pedestal, you should endeavor to publish original content, whether it is an article, a blog, a video, or a comment.

4. Add blogs, posts and tips on your website
Adding blogs, posts and tips (from you or your visitors) on your websites gives your website that personal touch and a sense of currency. Your visitors will get the impression that there are a lot of people visiting your website.

Here is a helpful video about SEO marketing and how it can help a business get more customer.

Affiliate Marketing overview and how to get started

There are many internet marketers that struggle to make money online through affiliate marketing. The primary reason is they do not understand the how the of affiliate marketing systems works. There are people that really do not earn money and there are those that do not understand how they made their first income.

Affiliate marketing is a process that designed to use internet marketing strategies to sell products and get commission from sales. One of the most famous affiliate programs are Amazon affiliate program. It is important to learn about the processes that you need to do in every task. After you have identified the processes, you can put these into a specific order in order to maximize the result. There are many tips and guidance on how to do the right affiliate marketing. Here are few of the basic rules must be followed.

Before we get started, checkout this awesome video from Joel explaining about affiliate marketing:

First of all, you need to identify a niche and product. What do you want to write and market about? It is important that you choose a niche that you are interested in and can easily promote to your audience. The product should not price at middle range. Not too cheap and not too expensive. Product with low price doesn’t generate great commission. Products with high price often not easy to generate sale. Many believe product price with $100++ is a good range to choose from.

After that, you need to choose a web hosting provider and nice domain name to set up your blog. What do you want to name your website or blog? Incorporating your name into the domain is a good idea and it gives it more uniqueness. After you have determined a domain name, you then need to register it. Setting up a new blog is very easy with few clicks nowadays. Do pay attention when choose the right theme template. It is always recommended to choose the theme which are SEO user-friendly and responsive design. This is important to make sure your blog set the right fundamental in order to receive high traffic in the future.

Overview of Affiliate Marketing

You can then start writing articles and reviews about your products. You should do proper keywords research base your chosen product. From there, write each keyword with interesting and useful articles. Submit these articles in online directories so you can get the level of exposure you are aiming for. Do make use of the social networks to promote your blog. A good review and valued added articles often result better conversion and will increase the visitors. People often like to share good thing with their friends. If you have some budget, do advertise in social network like Facebook can help to increase your traffic and turn up the conversion rapidly. Higher traffics and conversion often generate higher commission. Regularly update content so your audience would have something to look forward to.

In short, write great content around your product and niche and do proper promotion to let others know your blog. Be patient and it often take time to see the result.

Promoting a Blog Through Internet Search Marketing

If you want to start an online business, a blog is an important part of your marketing efforts. It is one of the most essential promotional tools you can use as it enables you to reach out to your target audience. The great thing about using blogs as internet marketing tools is most of the promotional effort is automated. Blogs allow you to build relationships with your audience and come up with engaging site content.

The fundamental of success in blogging is creating great content that is interesting, valuable and helpful. Nobody wants to see low quality content or less interesting post. The writing style also important to make sure you can attract or catch the eyes of the reader so that they will continue to read on the rest of the articles. Once user found that your site often provides great contents, they will come back regularly, bookmark it or refer to others which can help to drive more traffics to your site.

One of the things you can do is to create a sitemap and submit it to popular search engines. This is something that you would do once. After submitting the sitemap to major search engines, you can begin monitoring your blog’s performance. This helps you keep track of how much your content is indexed by search engines.

great content for marketing

You can also submit to RSS directories. Make sure that your blog is submitted to popular article directories so your target readers can find your articles. The more directories you submit to, the easier your content can be found and your blog site can be promoted. This is important if you aim to monetize your site.

Commenting on other blogs of the similar topic is another thing you can do. While it is true that comments made on similar topics or content does not have as much weight as back linking, commenting should not be taken for granted. Be certain the comments you make are backed with good content and you can sit back and watch traffic increase.

Facebook is another great way to promote your blog. Check out this video:

There are just few basic approaches that can help to promote your blog to increase your search engine visibility. We will share more SEO tips in the upcoming post. Stay tune!